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Massage Therapy
At MAROD Medical Spa we strive to offer the most advanced forms of message. Whether you want complete relaxation or are suffering from tired sore muscles, our highly trained massage therapists will design a treatment protocol that will be sure to please.

We Offer:

Swedish (30-60-90 minutes)– The most enjoyable form of message, utilizes long strokes to improve circulation and relieve muscle tension, leaving you stress-free and relaxed.   $40.00-$55.00-$70.00

Deep Tissue (30-60 minutes) – A deeper message using deep muscular manipulation to target specific areas of the body. Designed to increase flexibility and relieve sore muscles.       $40.00-$70.00

Hot Stone Message– Smooth stones are used for thier ability to retain heat and add pressure.  $75.00

Maternity Massage (45 minutes)– Designed to improve circulation and all-over well being. To achieve maximum comfort we use special pregnancy cushions, allowing you complete relaxation throughout your massage.   $45.00

What a great way to treat yourself after a hard day at work or give as a gift to that special someone. MAROD takes pride in catering to both men and woman’s therapy needs.

See infra-red sauna treatments for an amazing addition to your massage relaxation experince!